A trivia game to set players' grey matter abuzz with nostalgia.

Individual or Team Play

Seniors Trivia Game: Grey Matters!

Grey Matters! will set seniors’ minds abuzz with nostalgia. It’s a trivia game geared toward those age 55 and up and is designed to be played by confident individuals or small teams of 2 – 4 players. It’s a live-hosted, low-tech trivia game that is enjoyable at any time of the day or evening. The trivia questions cover an enormous range of topics from pop culture, to history, sports, music, geography, art, and more.

Nostalgic Trivia: How to Play Grey Matters!

Grey Matters! consists of rounds of trivia questions geared toward seniors, in multiple formats including images, song clips (CDs included), multiple choice questions and true-or-false answers that encourage vibrant social interaction with stimulating, often educational, game play.

About Grey Matters! A Trivia Game for Seniors

Playing Grey Matters! generally takes less than an hour and is set up so that seniors can play Grey Matters! as a weekly, members-only league with cumulative scoring and a grand prize awarded at the culmination of each season’s 8 games. Or, Grey Matters can be played as single, drop-in based, occasional entertaining events, perhaps on a monthly basis or as a special theme during a social gathering or cocktail hour, with a winner declared at the conclusion of each game.

Intellectually stimulating trivia games are an excellent way for seniors to keep their minds active. The trivia questions, image rounds and song clips challenge different aspects of one’s memory and will inspire spirited discussion. A fun idea is to celebrate the songs featured in each game. The host can find and download the MP3s of the full-length versions of each trivia game’s song clips, so that seniors can sing along and/or dance to the songs after the conclusion and scoring of the game.